Website Development is the process of taking a design and processing that into a presence on the internet. The "coding" of a site can take multiple paths and processes to get the end result of a "website" that your users will see. Most compose of HTML and PHP to bring your web design to life. Back in the day, this would mean hiring a programmer to code your site and also for whenever there was a site change. Now, with CMS, the site owner can usually add content on his own through a user interface called the "back-end". With minimal instruction, a change can be implemented without the high cost hiring of a programmer. Wordpress started this off, and now open source programs like Joomla have taken the concept even farther. Today, the Wordpress and Joomla platforms offer hundreds of modules and plugins that can evolve your site with just a few clicks of the mouse, not hours and hours of highly paid programmers. This is the future of website design and development. Contact us today to find out how CMS can help you and your company!

We build sites that are scalable. Our database driven websites are made for any size business. Whether you want a site that can grow and expand to almost limitless size, or just want a simple, professional web presence, we develop in the Wordpress & Joomla CMS frameworks that will allow you to achieve your goals in the present and future.

Captured By Design, your premier destination for custom tailored website design and development, is located in Carlsbad, San Diego. At Captured By Design, we specialize in crafting stunning and highly functional WordPress websites tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals, small businesses, and large corporations alike. Our team of skilled designers and developers is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions, harnessing the latest advancements in website development technology. With a focus on fully mobile-responsive architecture, we ensure that your website not only captivates users with its aesthetic appeal but also provides a seamless experience across all devices. Elevate your online presence with Captured By Design – where innovation meets expertise for unparalleled website solutions.

Captured By Design stands out as a leading website design and development company in Carlsbad, San Diego. Our dedicated team is passionate about creating customized WordPress websites that cater to the diverse requirements of individuals, small enterprises, and large corporations. Leveraging state-of-the-art website development technology, we bring your vision to life with a focus on fully mobile-responsive architecture. Whether you're looking to establish your online presence or revamp your existing website, Captured By Design is your trusted partner. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your website not only reflects your brand identity but also delivers a seamless and engaging user experience across various devices. Experience the difference with Captured By Design – where every website is meticulously crafted for success in the digital landscape.

Rome wasn't built in a day.
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