Responsive design is here to stay and is important because mobile viewing is increasing rapidly.

Responsive design was born because of mushrooming mobile statistics. Viewing stats now put mobile page views at over 40% of ALL page views.  When the market becomes saturated with mobile users, non-repsonsive sites will disappear. Responsive design is the answer. The growth in mobile is where every discussion of responsive design must begin. Can you afford to miss out on mobile/tablet viewers because of poor UX?

Responsive meets the need of multiple devices.

Today, we’ve got desktops, notebooks, netbooks, tablets, and handhelds of every size, dimension, and resolution. Your business can not afford to be pliable to the user agent. How much business will you lose if your site does not adapt to a mobile device? Don't you personally have a distaste for sites where you have to scroll left and right, up and down? With all these net-accessing devices, there is no way that a static site design will please everyone. The variety of devices demands responsive design.

Responsive design is a design necessity.

We can’t forget that responsive design is at its core a design phenomenon, despite its far-reaching implications. As a design feature, it is designed to take away the unnecessary aspects of a web presence. After all, when you access a responsively designed site on your mobile device, you don’t see everything that you would see if you were to visit from your desktop browser. Responsive design is about simplicity. In order to meet the scaled-down sizes of tablets, minis, and mobiles, responsive sheds the excess, and offers the beautiful and simple core. This is a design trend that’s not going away soon.

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