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Custom Google keywords coded into each site as it's built to greatly enhance your business' search engine results.
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Fixed Budget Ad Campaigns

Google keyword campaigns to maximize your ROI so your Marketing budget is not just a role of the dice.
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1. UNIQUE MEMORABLE WEB DESIGNS THAT FOCUS ON YOUR BUSINESS. Designed for each client, we highlight your services and products in a clean, contemporary and easily navigated layout designed to convert traffic to buyers. Research shows a potential client will leave your site within seconds if the content is not focused and hard to understand! We design to promote your strengths.

2. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO). If you build a website but no one hears of it, is it really there? We optimize your site using Google keywords your clients would most likely type in a search for a company with your service or products. SEO maintenance offered on a monthly basis to build out your keyword density across your site by adding relevant content with appropriate tags and keywords. Our CMS allows each and any piece of content the opportunity to add keywords throughout the page, both front-end and back-end. This consistent keyword maintenance leads to greater rankings over a wider and wider range of searches for your services and products.

3. MARKETING COLLATERAL AND PRINT MEDIA. Marketing material including print flyers, brochures, business cards and stationary. Unique
branding to stand out from the crowd.

4. GOOGLE KEYWORD SEARCH ADS. Based on individual keyword searches, targeted ads will appear at the top of Google search results
for small fees. Many small businesses can't afford large advertising budgets, and this ability to set your own budget is a great way to get new clients driven to your site. You are only charged if a client clicks on the ad, thus guaranteeing increase in your page views. Ads can be custom designed for not just general service or product adverstising, but for marketing specials and new services or product rollouts.  

5. FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM ADS. The largest advertising channels in the world with millions of active users each day! Ad campaigns can be filtered to show only for customers in your target markets and demographics! Budgets are set by the client at affordable levels for your business! Display ads laser target online users through demographics like their age, gender, interests, location, and likelihood of becoming a customer.

6. WEBSITE & SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT MANAGEMENT. Clients and potential clients follow their favorite companies on social media to discover entertaining content, give feedback, and get a first look at new products/services. Our marketing content development service will keep your followers engaged with regular social posts and service and product content to also grow your audience with new clients and build brand loyalty across all your client database.

7. EMAIL MARKETING CAMPAIGNS. Newsletter design and content generation to stay in touch with your customers with automated email automation supplied within our CMS. Existing client repeat sales is a huge income stream for most businesses and should not be ignored by yours!

Rome wasn't built in a day.
But your site can be built in five.